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  • Build 930

    We’ll also be working on some guides, featuring the newer launcher and UI, explaining how to do some of the basic things newcomers may find daunting. Stay tuned for those…

    As always, both the demo and SDK/Dev mode have been updated to reflect the changes in the latest build. Download installers here, or the SDK here.

    Release notes (changes from Build 910):

    – Added ability to have HDV variable SemiAutomatic be set to 2 (upshifts only) or 3 (downshift only), which is in addition to the pre-existing choices 0 (off) or 1 (upshifts & downshifts).
    – Added text values gizmos for wins, starts, average finish, and accumulated points for RFM. Added ability to customize font colors for multiplayer game list. Added ability for gizmos to pass clicks on to gizmos behind them. (only applies to APP_TEXTVALUE_RUNPRACTICE, RUNQUALIFYING, & RUNRACE.
    – Added new option to select stretch UI width.
    – Implemented “Change Password” button and added option to login dialog.
    – Enabled virtual vehicle selection (and propagation) in multiplayer.

    – Fix issue where clouds sometimes don’t show up in replays.
    – Fixed a crash that could happen if the start light sequence on a track layout was particularly short.
    – Fix broken multihead.
    – Fixed issue where car class was reported incorrectly.
    – Fixed Launcher crash when exiting Mod Manager.
    – Added auto-focus to login dialog input.
    – Fixed bug where checkbox settings in Launcher would show incorrect state on startup.
    – Attempt to prevent physics thread lock up in cases where skin transfers get put into a bad state.
    – Instead of relying on the background color to match the skin download state gizmo inactive state color, now hiding the gizmo in that case.
    – Fixed multiplayer sort game list by series.
    – Fixed bug where 1st line of credits is potentially a random font
    – Fixed multiplayer game list gizmo text colors.
    – Fixed gear graph in instances where there is a top/bottom letterbox effect on the options.
    – Fixed monitor window FOV issues
    – Code added to prevent infinite loops when an AIW has more grid positions than main path waypoints.
    – Fixed issue where finish statuses were transmitted but immediately overwritten upon joining a race. This fixes the situation where a driver Esc’d out and therefore got a DNF, but then left and rejoined the server whereupon it was noticed that the DNF was cleared.
    – Fixed possible crash that happens upon downloading and then installing components to join a multiplayer game.
    – Fix for aspect ratio problems in monitor

    – Fade clouds in and out rather than popping.
    – Fixed monitor window FOV issues

    – No longer shipping Max plugins for Max 8, 9, and 2009, support ends.
    – Updated versions of Max plugins for Max 2010, 2011, and 2012 with standard mat converter.
    – Toggling AI control will now also toggle player driven AI physics if “shift” is also pressed with AI control toggle key
    – Updated MAS2 utility with potential fix for missing layouts/teams when creating virtual mods
    – Updating SDK with latest content and same UI as the main game.

    – Minor update to CPM invalidates previously-generated CPM data.
    – Gas cavity volume is now affected by load (which essentially means air pressure/temperature change slightly when the tire load changes).
    – Mass imbalance from flatspotting is now correctly modeled.
    – Subsampling in brush model creates smoother response (this may slightly change the feeling and performance of tires, but note that it should be more accurate now).
    – Added some control for tires in the wet (cooling, EARLY version of aquaplaning). Uses WetConductance=(,,,) … Dampness is non-standing water. Wetness is standing water. As the track gets wet, dampness goes from 0.0-1.0 and then wetness goes from 0.0-1.0.

    – New UI with resolution 1920X1080.
    – Removing hard-coded HUD elements shading and alpha.
    – Added gizmo slider on realtime settings/display page to set engine vibration effect on cockpit.
    – Download mode textbox gizmo now only displays name of mod file, not full path.

    – Instead of on-path wetness and off-path wetness (neither of which were properly computed anyway), we now report minimum and maximum water depth along the main path to the plugin scoring interface.

    – If you had HDR legacy enabled, you will get a misalignment in UI after auto updating. You can fix this with a .json file edit to set.
    – You need multiview enabled if using multiple / triple screens.

    Downlaod Build-930-
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