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Thema: Tips for driving in the rain

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    Tips for driving in the rain

    Hello i hope that some one here can help me. Driving in the rain in Rfactor 2 is a real challenge for me, and i think al lot of people. Its like driving on ice. I can not imagine, that this is realistic. Oke there is less grip, and you have to addept your driving style, but the car is so loose and slippery. Is there anyone that can help me whit some tips, that the car gets more grip. The changes i make from dry, to wet, is making the springs softer, raising the rear wing and lowering the camber angles.

    Best Regards, Manuel

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    Administrator Avatar von Matthias Weber
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    Remscheid, Germany
    Hello Manuel, yes thats the only thing i also change, most of the time i do not even change the rearwing.
    It surely feels strange in the rain, but i cannot describe how i'm fast.
    I try to use that slipping momentum for my own advantage and let the car slide a lot, to get temperatures into the tires.


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