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All information about the Spa24H 2023 event

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  • All information about the Spa24H 2023 event

    Hello everyone,
    we have summed up everything on our Announcement of the 24h Spa-Francorchamps 2023

    Race will be held at 08./ 09 July 2023
    Server: SRC 24H Spa
    password: kemmel

    Workshop Content

    Main Language will be English. Support will also be possible in German.

    Password: SRC@GTM15

    Make sure that at least one team member is always present in the official Teamspeak, so that instructions from the race management can be heard!

    Qualifying 07.07.2023
    Schedule (all times CET):
    19:10 Briefing
    19:40 Training
    20:00 Qualifying
    21:00 Break
    21:10 Top 10 Qualifying / each driver has only one flying lap, all Top10 drivers will be sent on track by the race director
    • only one driver per team allowed on the server
    • Pressing ESC on the track during qualifying is not allowed. ESC may be used in one's own pit area. If you press ESC on track your qualifying session is over immediately
    • The number of laps is not limited for the qualifying
    • Please respect the track limits. The fastest lap of all teams is subsequently checked by the racing committee. If the track limits are exceeded, you will get a grid penalty of 5 places. Overall rfactor2 dictates the track limits, but admins are checking the fastest lap if drivers used an illegal advantage.
    • driverswap is allowed only via pitstop. If you leave the server and another driver joins for you, all driven laptimes will be invalid
    • be careful, cars are collidable in pits, so enter the working lane only at your pit-spot
    • Quali-driver does not have to drive the race start. Any driver of the team can start the race
    • Please stay on the server at the end of the qualifying until the session switches to next session!
    • one teammember for each team has to be on the teamspeak server for communication with race control
    • Top10 drivers will be send via ingame-chat whisper on the track. So keep an eye on the chat window, if you are on the Top10 shootout. (Will drive from P10 to P1 at the end)

    Race 24h of Spa 08. / 09.07.2023
    Schedule (all times CET):
    12:00 Briefing (Participation in the Teamspeak is mandatory, at least one member per team)
    12:30 Warmup
    13:00 Racestart 24H, flying start with double file formation

    #### CAUTION: The rf2 Server password will be changed for the race! We will post it on race day. ####

    • any official GT3 cars from Studio 397 mod are used, car choice is not limited to a maximum amount per manufacturer
      You have to purchase them via steam store or the ingame store:
      GT3 Pack for all cars
      Spa Francorchamps
      (with the new "drive against content you do not own" system, it should be enough to purchase Spa and the car you want to drive)
    • min. 2 drivers per team (only 5 drivers will get prizes like cups/membership)
    • Teams which are not registered as SRC members have to pay a starting fee of 20€ for each car
    • each driver is allowed to drive for multiple teams during the 24H race. However, prizes and trophies will be awarded only to the max. five registered drivers of the team with the better ranking.
    • all drivers have to be nominated in the team lineup until 08.07.2023 12H CEST
    • Due to the length of the race, "Code-80" or "Redflag" may be called out. This can be called out via the voice message "whisper function" in Teamspeak or via text chat by the admins in the simulation. If "Code-80" or "Redflag" is called out, overtaking is prohibited and pit limiter is mandatory.
    • TeamSpeak whisper function: We recommend that all participants deactivate the popup under "Options / Whispers" tick "Always open whisper history when they are whispered."
    • TS is mandatory throughout the entire race event! Each team gets its own channel. The briefing takes place for everyone in a separate channel.
    • A race-rejoin is possible with a "fresh" vehicle as long as ESC has not been pressed. If ESC was pressed, the race for this team is over. Please disconnect your PC from the internet or close rF2 via taskmanager / ALT+F4 to be able to make a clean rejoin.
    • The usual rules of conduct and gentleman's agreement apply on the track.
    • please read the rule on our corresponding website:

    Track Limits
    • although it is not a "Tilke-Track", Spa has very wide runoff areas without gravel-traps...
    • so please respect the track limits and make sure you always have at least two tires on the track
    • curbs belong to the track and are extending the white line
    • Penalties that are awarded by the simulation will not be removed
    • "Cutwarnings" are transferred to the next driver when the driver changes.
    • After a cut rating of 10.0, the simulation will issue penalties automatically
    • if you get a penalty, be sure that the penalty will be served BEFORE a driver swap, as rfactor2 is not counting laps correctly afterwards! (we will not add any lost laps because of this afterwards)

    Pitstop Settings:
    • Pitspeed and Formationspeed are set to 80kph
    • Pit-Limiter has to be activated manually
    • you are not allowed to cross the white pit exit line
    • driver swaps will be made during pitsops (no hotswap allowed)
    • The amount of fuel to be carried is set to standard studio397 settings
    • DriverTime = (1,1.5,2.5,1.0) (driver change is carried out during other work at the pit stop)*
    • FuelTime = (4.0,0,1,0.5,0.0) (normal fuel speed, time counts in addition to the other pit stop times)*
    • TireTime = (16,32,2,1.0) (Tire changes are carried out during other work at the pit stop)*
      *settings not final, yet

    Simulation settings
    • all flag and light signals must be respected
    • standing cars are collidable in pits, so always remember which simulation we're driving
    • realweather active using the openweathermap realtime data
    • damage multiplier for this event is set to 100%

    Vehicle skins
    • Each team has to use it's own livery using our template = Link painting info
    • For skin design our we will use the same rules as in our GT3 Series
    • you can download the templates here: template download
    • skins have to uploaded or send via email = Skinupload
    • Skin deadline is 01. July 2023 - 8:00pm!
    • Please send in your *.dds + *.json + * in one single zip-file and name them after your team and car-number / Windows Banners will be provided by the SRC for all cars
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    Please remeber the new schedule as we shortened the race to 6 hours:

    Race 24h of Spa 08th July 2023
    Schedule (all times CEST):
    14:30 Briefing (Participation in the Teamspeak is mandatory, at least one member per team)
    15:00 Qualifying (30 Min)
    15:30 Warmup
    16:00 Racestart 6H, flying start with double file formation

    Ingame time race: 15:00H


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      IMPORTANT Update:

      Link to new Workshop item:


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        A big thanks to all participants, great racing!

        Replays and logs from the Race:

        Race Results: